A small baby fox cub was rather lucky when a driver found him wedged inside the tire wheel at a gas depot.

The little cub had been yelping and that is what got the drivers attention. It had wedged it’s head into a little hole in the tire.

The Scottish SPCA were called in and Jennifer Hamilton took the wheel and baby back to the Middlebank rescue center to get help in releasing the cub.

Once the baby fox had ridden in the back of the her van where it was dark the baby relaxed. This was good as it enabled the rescuers to get him out without too many problems.

The cub is doing fine. He was of cource a little shook up after the whole ordeal. He is rather lucky the driver found him. He would have died if hadn’t been discovered.

It appears that his mother and siblings may have left  him due to his being stuck in the wheel. There has been a family sighted in the area where he was found.

He is not  yet ready to be released, but is with a couple of other cubs that are being also prepared to go out into the wild when ready.

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Trapped in wheel

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