In Kenya and South Africa, there has been a dramatic increase in the killing of baby rhinos.

There are people that believe that the horn of the rhino has very important healing q

Even the endangered black rhino has been being killed for it’s horn. Last year there were 10 that were found slaughtered.

The poachers are getting pretty good at hiding from the law as they poach. Some are using helicopters and special night vision wear to locate the rhinos. Then they can shoot them with a tranquilizer gun first to kill them without much commotion.

There is no proven documentation that the horn does provide any of the cancer curing qualities. These rhinos are really being slaughtered for no reason at all.

Last year they found 333 rhinos that had been killed in South Africa. This number includes the 10 black rhinos.

Already this year they have found 6 more dead rhinos. More are being killed then ever before. The number of deaths are 3 times more then the year before.

There has to be a way to stop these poachers. To end this unnecessary slaughter of these .

Kenya is a large tourist attraction. People come there to see the animals. If this keeps happening, the rhinos may not be there to be seen.

Rhino getting tagged

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