How to Lower the Cost of Playing Video Games

There's no question that gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the modern age. But this hobby is also quite expensive. Most hardcore gamers own a couple different game consoles, and prices for consoles are typically a few hundred dollars each.

xbox oneCurrently, the most popular game consoles are Sony Playstation 4, Microsoft Xbox One, and Nintendo Wii U. Here are the prices for each of these consoles, as of 2016:

Sony Playstation 4 - Retail Price: 399.00

Microsoft Xbox One - Retail Price: 499.99

Nintendo Wii U - Retail Price: 299.99

Note that the prices above are the MSRP, and you can usually get these consoles for a lot less at places like Amazon and Walmart. Another option for getting a game console cheaply is to buy them used on auction sites like Ebay. Buying older consoles like Xbox 360 is also something you can do to play games inexpensively, but most gamers probably will want to play the newest games on the best consoles available today.

Gaming on your PC is a good choice as well, but again, you will need to invest in a good graphics card to play many games. Often times, this ends up costing just as much as buying a game console, as the best graphics cards can easily cost several hundred dollars.

Then there are the cost of games themselves. 50 to 60 dollars is a typical price for a relatively recently released game. Someone who buys games frequently can therefore easily end up spending a pretty penny on all the games they purchase.

That's why I think it's in the best interest of gamers to join Gamefly, a popular online game rental service. Gamefly will send games to your home that you can keep as long as you like. However, you do not own these games and eventually have to return them when you are ready to move onto another game. That said, a Gamefly membership starts at just $15.95, which is a terrific deal given that you can rent an unlimited number of games (1 or 2 at a time). There is even a 30-day Gamefly free trial from that you can use if you're interested in checking out how this service works.

In conclusion, while gaming is certainly an expensive hobby, there are definitely things you can do to bring down the cost. By buying used consoles and joining Gamefly, you could easily save hundreds of dollars each year without sacrificing your enjoyment.