Dating Site Review

Recently, I wrote about the two kinds of dating sites you can use. In this article, I'd like to zone into one particular site, Below is my review of this popular dating site.

Almost everyone has heard of This company has been online for around 2 decades, and has seen monumental growth. Today, it is among the largest dating sites in the world. You can hardly watch TV without running into one or two commercials.

But how good is To help answer this question, I will provide a brief review of in today's post. Like most dating sites, it is free to join and set up an account. All you need in order to do this is an email address. Once you register for an account, you can get started and create your dating profile. Dating profiles on Match are very easy to make, and you can put as much or as little information in them as you want. Needless to say, it's better to put up multiple photos and at least a couple paragraphs about yourself in your profile. You can search other members for free as well, but should you decide that you want to email other members, you will need to purchase a subscription. Alternatively, you can use a free trial before deciding whether to buy a membership (more on this later).

The big strength of is the fact that there are so many people on the site. This makes it a vibrant community, and as long as you're willing to be social and proactive about contacting other members, you should see lots of activity. It's important to cast a wide net when using dating sites like Instead of honing in on one or two members, you should try to talk to as many members as possible. Think about it like a party, where you want to socialize with a great many people at first, until you decide who it is you are really attracted to. isn't that expensive, but you may still want to use the 3-day free trial of before paying for a subscription. Today, there are quite a few choices when it comes to online dating, so I always think it's a good idea to use a free trial first before spending your money on a given site.