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I can’t say I have heard of the Tasselled Wobbegong before. I was suprised to find it is the name tagged to a shark that resides in the western parts of the Pacific Ocean. The Tasselled Wobbegong is also referred to as a carpet shark and is a member of the Orectolobidae family of sharks. Even though it’s not one I have heard of in the past, it is a common name that 12 different species of carpet sharks have. Wobbegong is thought to be derived from the Australian Aboriginal language and means ,’shaggy beard.’

The Wobbegongs

Wobbegongs are sharks that live on the bottom of the ocean which is why they are also called carpet sharks. They like the shallow and tropical waters in the western areas of the Pacific Ocean and in the eastern parts of the Indian Ocean. You will see them around Australia and Indonesia most the time. There is yet another type of wobbegong that is the Japanese one. This one can be found more north around Japan. Wobbegongs grow to about 4 feet 1 inches in length. There are two types of wobbegongs, the spotted and the banded that have been know to reach lengths of 9.8 feet. The wobbegong color along with the fact it lives on the ocean bottom is why it is referred to as a carpet shark. It’s body is well camouflaged with regular patterns on it that also resemble a carpet. Then the bearded appearance of whiskers around its jaw looks a bit like the fringes of the carpet.

Eating habits

The tasselled plus other types of wobbegongs use their whiskers around their jaws to help them catch food. Their appearance helps them to hide on the bottom of the ocean or in rocks to surprise their prey. They eat small fish most the time. One thing they do not eat is humans. It has become known that they will also eat other sharks as in the case of the one in the picture eating a Bamboo shark. This picture is a rare find that was taken along Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. It shows a tasselled Wobbegong with a brownbanded bamboo sharks head in its mouth. The bamboo shark is already dead at the time the photo was taken.

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