Our oceans comprises about 90% of the living area on the earth.The huge size of the oceans lets it be able to support all types of living forms life.

Here we see a creature with many legs that resembles an octopus. It isn’t though, It is an early form or a larva  form of a tube anemone.

The larve is extrememly young and if only about 0.4 inches wide. It has tentacles which it will need to use once it reaches full size. There is also a dark area in it central area which is it’s stomach. This one looks like it contains food showing that the hunting ability for food has been learned.

The anemone lava was not long ago inventoried during a Census of Marine Life.  In the census, many types of life that are  hard to see are orgainized and documented.

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Anemone Larva

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