The Ocean Dinosaur- Shonisaurus
Shonisaurus (pronounced ‘show-nee-sore-us’) actually meant “Shoshone Mountain Lizard” in Greek, however, its habitat is not on the mountains but rather, in the seas. They are the largest (or, marine reptiles that hold likeliness to dolphins and fishes) that lived in the Norian stage of the .

These huge weigh approximately 30 tons and are able to grow up till 69 feet and possibly more – though fossils exceeding that have not been excavated. The first remains of the Shonisaurus were found at Nevada, west of USA, in 1920.

Scientists are saying that the Shonisaurus had elongated pointy mouths which resembled that of a long beak, housing sharp teeth in the front part. Their bodies were whale-like and humongous, attached to it are flippers and a two-pronged tail that help propel their huge frames forward.

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