Tropical geckos from island of Madagascar have become real attraction after National Geographic published web piece about them. In this video you can see day geckos, but also the ones that are with good reason called ninja geckos. Are you wondering why are they called like that? It’s because they are the masters of disguise! They can change their color to look same as the tree they are on, so that way predators can’t catch them. They camouflage so well that there’s no way anyone can see them.

It’s interesting that on Madagascar there is more then 210 difference species of geckos. Most of them use bugs as food, but in this video you will see Madagascar day gecko who is eating nectar that some bugs produce. Well, even geckos can treat themselves to some sweet dessert! Day geckos are interesting because of their neon colors. It’s mostly bright green with orange, red or blue dots. But, after you have seen day gecko, you will have a chance to see real animal ninja. Look at this fantastic video and find out will you be able to notice ninja gecko or you can’t see anything on that tree until camera gets right in front of him.

In some parts of Madagascar, people think that chameleons, geckos that can change their color, have magic powers and ability to see the future. Well, after seeing this video, you will think they are cool too. National Geographic is well known because of their documentaries about animals and nature. After watching any of them you can’t say anything else but: nature is awesome!

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